Cheiracanthus grandispinus M’Coy

This medium to large acanthodian with very short  inserted spines is very rare in the Sandwick fishbed but can be found occasionally as loose spines and scales at other localities. Shown here is a head from the Sandwick fishbed and a complete specimen, lacking the dorsal fin spine, from Achanarras. The juvenile specimens were probably often prey for the bigger fish.

The hole in the body was to sample scales for a thin section.

Complete fish lacking dorsal fin spine, Achanarras, Caithness.

Head wanting body, Sandwick fishbed.

Body outline of the above specimen with some restored spines

Most probably drawing of C.grandispinus (after Miller, 1841).

Drawing of fish (after M’Coy, 1848).

Drawing of head (Burrow at al. 2020)