Diplacanthus crassisimus Duff

Model by P.H. de Buisonjé

Reconstruction (after Burrow at al. 2016)

A small to medium sized acanthodian with comparatively big, ribbed spines. On the ventral side it also has intermediate spines with the posterior ones being small paired spines between the pectoral and pelvic spines.

It is very common in the Sandwick Fish Bed, but not eaten much by other fish since it is very spiny!

In literature the species name Diplacanthus striatus is also used.

Small specimen from the Moray Firth Area

Small specimen from the Sandwick Fish Bed showing most of the spines

Drawing by Hugh Miller 1841

Reconstruction (after Traquair, 1895)

Complete fish from Sandwick Fishbed

Fish from Moray Firth

Reconstruction of pectoral girdle (after Watson, 1937) A: pectoral spine, B: anterior intermediate spine