Gyroptychius milleri Jarvik

Model of Gyroptychius milleri (by Buisonjé).

Complete specimen in dorso-lateral view from Caithness

This osteolepid is similar to Gyroptychius agassizi but there are some slight differences in the dermal plates covering of the skull roof. In the field the most notable feature is the deep notches for the eyes. The species can be found as loose scales and plates in sediments above the Sandwick Fish Bed.

Close up of head in dorsal view of specimen on top of page.

Parietal (old name: fronto-ethmoidal or just frontal).

Drawing of the postparietal and parietal (Miller, 1849).

Post parietal (old name: parietal).

Reconstruction of postparietal and parietal (after Miller, 1849)

Loose scales in different positions

Close up of scale, top area shiny enamel layer, and overlapping part on the left.

Reconstruction of the head in A: lateral , B: dorsal and C: ventral view (after Jarvik, 1948 ©)