Pterichthyodes milleri (Miller ex Agassiz MS)

Model of Pterichthyodes milleri, modeler unknown.

Reconstruction in lateral view (after Traquair, 1886)

This species is known from the lowest part of the Sandwick Fish Bed where it is often found as juvenile specimens together with remains of Dipterus valenciennesi. Probably the fish did not live in the lake but was transported there by rivers. In the Moray Firth Area of Scotland many localities are known where Pterichthyodes is found articulated. All these localities indicate more of a river than a lake environment.

The weathered specimen shown from the Sandwick Fish Bed, is unusual large. See also the juvenile specimen from the Sandwick Fish Bed. In sediments directly above the Sandwick Fish Bed disarticulated specimens are found but they are extremely rare.

The specimen figured below is from Achanarras, where also juvenile specimens are found. The flagstones from Achanarras quarry indicate deep water lake conditions, which were most likely anoxic. Therefore,  most fish from there were probably transported into the lake by rivers.

Pterichthyodes milleri in ventral view from Achanarras © NMS.

Specimen from the Sandwick Fish.Bed missing the tail, plates partly weathered by the waves. Foreshore near Stromness.

Reconstruction of Pterichthyodes (after Traquair 1886).

Tiny specimen from the Moray firth area.

Juvenile specimen from the Sandwick Fish Bed from Orkney.

Drawing of specimen in ventral and dorsal view (after Hugh Miller, 1841).

Reconstruction in dorsal view (after Agassiz, 1844). Drawing of a specimen (after Woodward, 1891).

Drawings of a specimen (after Agassiz, 1844).

Drawing of a specimen (after Woodward, 1891).

Drawing of a specimen (after Woodward, 1891).