Thursius macrolepidotus (Sedgwick & Murchison)

Big specimen from Caithness, note that only part of the scales have cosmine. NMS ©.

Reconstruction of fish in lateral view (after Jarvik, 1948) ©. Note that Jarvik had no complete material to reconstruct the fins.

This osteolepid is found in Caithness below the Achanarras horizon and should be present in Orkney below the Sandwick Fish Bed, however, the species has never been positively identified in sediments from Orkney.

John Flett Brown has found osteolepid scales in sediments of the Lower Stromness beds near Stromness and we presume that they belong to Thursius macrolepidotus but the head is needed for identification.

Thursius macrolepidotus in dorsal view from the Moray Firth area, NMS ©.

Thursius macrolepidotus, close-up of the tail of the specimen above.

Thursius macrolepidotus, specimen in dorsal view from Caithness, NMS ©.